A Broke Girl’s Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $25

A Broke Girl’s Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $25

I love Christmas stockings. We hung them up every year and my parents would always put the best stocking stuffers in them. From chocolate coins to small gifts to the traditional giant fruit stuffed in the toe, I love how much fun stocking stuffers are. Sadly, they can really add up in price so it’s important to fill stockings with items that cost less so you don’t break your budget. Here are my favorites!

Carryon Cocktail Kit – $24: Robin got one in his Birchbox and we tried it out on a flight a few months ago and we’re both sold! We normally don’t drink on planes because the options are limited, but this is the perfect solution. It was so fun to order whisky and for him to make a fancy drink in couch. Felt like we were in first class (ok, almost felt like that).

Essie Nail Polish – $8: Essie is such a great brand of nail polish. I really love this red color for Christmas and it’d make a great addition any women’s stocking!

Messy Hair Sea Salt Mist – $24: Small beauty products make the perfect stocking stuffers. Chances are your friend, sister or mother has already bought the beauty products she really loves, and this is the perfect chance for her to try new things – thanks to you!

Bayolea Moustache Wax – $15: This wax makes it easy for your man to style his ‘stach, plus it smells good!

Neo Metallic Earbuds – $6: Earbuds are a great gift for anyone. I’m always losing mind – they get lost in a bag, or in the car, or I leave my only pair at work. Cheap earbuds are a must in every stocking, and I love this blue pair.

Topman Pom Kint Cap – $10: Unless you live in the deep south or SoCal, odds are hats need to be worn in the winter. I adore this beanie – so sloughy and cute. Men and women can wear this.

Nior Candle – $9: As I’ve talked about in other gift guides, candles makes great gifts because everyone uses them! They’re a household staple. This candle smells good and affordable – so stick in it a stocking already!