This Is What The Color Factory Is Actually Like

This Is What The Color Factory Is Actually Like

From the second I heard about The Color Factory pop-up in San Francisco, I knew I had to go. My friends and I booked tickets ASAP and soon they were all sold out for the exclusive tour through the museum of color. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of that rainbow staircase or the ribbon room flooding your Instagram Feed, but I assure you, there are plenty of other rooms in the museum and each one is more magical than the last. Below, I’ve ranked the color rooms in order of least favorite to most favorite and recapped the whole experience. Read on to see a peek inside a world of color!

12. Selfie Room

The concept of this room is that whenever someone posts a photo to Instagram with #selfie, the printer in the room prints that photo. The floor was covered in selfies from hundreds of people. I liked this room the least because there wasn’t a way to interact with it printer was out of paper. I actually forgot to take a picture because we didn’t spend too much time in this one!

Color Factory hallway room san francisco

11. Rainbow Hallway

The Rainbow Hallway was lit with a lot of different colors. It’s a fun way to light up a hallway and totally gave me inspiration for rooms with smart lights like Phillips Hue (I have some in my kitchen.) But, at the end of the day, it’s just hallway.

Color Factory coloring room san francisco

10. Green Coloring Room

I had high hopes for the coloring room, but by the time we got there, the entire wall was covered with scribbles already and the markers were all dried up. Maybe they refresh them each morning? If so, I can see how this would be a fun room to visit if you had early morning tickets. Otherwise, it’s a bummer when you can’t take part in the exhibit.

Color Factory orange room san francisco

9. Orange Room

The orange room is filled every a lot of random orange items. It’s fun looking at everything the artist gathered. Things like Cheetos and Orange Soda live next to inflatable tubes and Gold Fish Snacks. It’s at the start of the museum and you can’t backtrack once you leave a room, so take the time to look at all the items.

Color Factory San Francisco

8. Red Staircase

New decor goals? Making my future house have a red staircase like this one with that perfectly Instagramable smiley face at the top.

Color Factory black white room san francisco

7. Black And White Room

This room makes you feel like you’ve just walked into Alice in Wonderland. I loved how zany and fun simple patterns can make a space! Plus, they give you free samples of charcoal juice here and everyone knows free food is the way to my heart.

Color Factory disco room san francisco

6. Glitter Room

What does one glitter dance floor and a ton of disco balls make? One hell of a dance party!

Color Factory lite brite room san francisco

5. Lite Brite Room

Remember Lite Brites as a kid? Well, this room is a giant Lite Brite that you can play with. Someone had made a heart (pictured above) that most people left alone, but there are more panels that are up for grabs to mess around with. Long live childhood!

Color Factory ribbon room san francisco

4. Ribbon Room

I was most excited for this room as I saw on Instagram how dark the middle of the ribbons could get. It was just pure fun running around in a room full of ribbons and bumping into people. I think my cat would also love this room. Ha!

Color Factory blue balloon room san francisco

3. Blue Room

This room felt so surreal! It’s right next to the disco floor, so most people overlook it, so it’s pretty empty. The whole room smells like a giant balloon would and it feels almost like you are underwater.

Color Factory San Francisco

2. Confetti Room

I could have spent hours in here throwing confetti at my friends. Even though I came home with confetti still in my shoes and the folds of my clothing, this was by far an incredible room to play in. I think it is truly the best way to experience confetti and all the colors were just pure happiness. When we arrived, they were sweeping it all up and putting it back into the shakers on the ceiling, so make sure to stick around if they are cleaning! It’s worth the wait!

1. Yellow Room

My favorite room! And my favorite color! Warning – when they say don’t jump, they really mean it. The ball pit is only a couple of feet deep and it will hurt when you jump in (I learned that the hard way!) I personally loved rolling around in a huge kid-free ball pit that didn’t smell like stale french fries. This room was the best at making me feel like a kid again. I could have easily spent a whole hour here, so don’t rush to leave! But, when you are done, make sure to grab a free ice cream cone on the way out!



I recommend wearing all white so you can pop in every single room. Gotta get those good IG photos!

I highly recommend visiting the Color Factory in San Francisco. I’m hoping it moves to other locations around the country so more people can have a chance to visit! If you have been or want to go, leave a comment below about your favorite room! I’d love to hear if you list matches mine.