San Francisco Wardrobe Staples

San Francisco Wardrobe Staples

“What should I wear when visiting San Francisco?”

I’ve been asked this question so many times this past year. From friends/family who visit combined with comments from readers, I thought it was finally time to put together a list of the core outfit staples to wear while in San Francisco. 

Unless it’s September (which is when the city is the warmest), or the dead of winter when the city is colder, it’s usually around 55 degrees as a high. But it’s important to know that the east side of the city is warmer than the west, and that some areas are windier than others, meaning that the stereotype of always wearing layers is 100% true because the temperature will change 2-4 times in your day depending on where you are in the city. Us locals are used to dressing in layers and carrying out coats/sweaters for part of the day.When you are visiting San Francisco, these are the 5 core staples you should build your outfits around – and remember to think in layers!

Camel Coat: I love how camel really goes with anything, and most are heavy enough to keep you warm in 55 degrees, but not too heavy. This isn’t Minnesota, after all.

Flat Booties: Black because it goes with everything. Flats because you’ll be doing a lot of walking! The city is only 7×7 miles wide, so most people end up walking a lot while visiting, and most likely you’ll also be walking up and down hills. You’ll want comfy shoes and booties double as being practical and chic.

Versatile Sweater: Bring a sweater that can be worn up or down and/or looks great layered over a lighter shirt. Sweaters are my go-to staple from November-May.

Jeggings: I personally love a good, sleek jegging that can be worn in place of jeans or layered under a dress for extra warmth. You’ll find them useful here.

Long Sleeve Dress: There are some warm days here! But I found myself even reaching for a cardigan during the summer evenings when wearing sleeveless things. Bring along a long sleeved dress in case it’s warmer when you visit.

Note: if you’re visiting Napa/Sonoma, it’s usually very warm there. Of course check the weather based on the season you are visiting, but pack lighter things for those days.

Got any more questions about what to pack? Leave a comment below!