Best Dresses For Curvy Women

Best Dresses For Curvy Women

Dresses will always be one of my favorite types of clothing. They’re flirty and fun, instantly elevates your outfit and are oh so comfy! Dresses are a piece of clothing that can be flattering on every body type, but the key is finding the right shape. As a curvy girl, I’ve learned over the years what type of dresses will look stunning on my body shape, and what to avoid. (As much as I love the look of a bodycon dress with a leather jacket, they will ALWAYS hug me too tightly). 

A-Line Dresses

My favorite shape of dress is the A-line dress. They hug you tighter on the chest and usually taper off into a flare around your waist, covering your larger bottom portions while still creating a sleek silhouette. Wear them alone, or pair them with a crop jacket (like jean or leather) and a cute pair of heels. 


Sometimes I consider maxi-dresses as socially acceptable ways to wear blankets in public. They are just so comfortable! When you’ve got curves, the only thing to look for in maxi-dresses is the size. You don’t want them to squeeze you too tightly and looser is always better in this dress type. My favorites are ones that are flowy and/or have a fun pattern or color to make it a perfect statement piece. 

Off The Shoulder Shift Dress

When shift dresses started popping up a few seasons ago, I instantly pounced and bought one. Because they basically lack any shape, It thought they would be the perfect dress for someone with curves – basically just covering everything up in one, loose fitting go. But I was sadly proven wrong – the utter lack of shape actually made me look very boxy and heavier than I am. Not something to aim for. I later discovered that shift dresses with more shape, like off-the-shoulder ones, lend to a much better look. This helps add shape and lines for the eye to follow.



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