6 Fall Jacket Must-Haves

6 Fall Jacket Must-Haves

What I love about San Francisco is that there are no real winters. After living in Wisconsin and Minnesota for 23 years, you can bet I was sick of winters. Byeeee to all those -20 degree days and shoveling snow for months on end! Instead I traded in for consitent weather. San Francisco is always 50-72 degrees and you probably will need to wear a jacket year-round. It’s basically always fall here so I’d like to think I’m an authority on fall jackets. While August & September are actually the warmest months in San Francisco (summer is kind of just starting here), I know most of you are tossing out your sundresses and gearing up for some real fall weather so I gathered up my 6 favorite fall jackets in different price ranges. 

best fall jacket

H&M Fitted Jacket: I adore this style of jacket since it’s the perfect mashup of the leather jacket and the parka. The leather sleeves are edgy and add personality while the mid-section is comfortable and thick enough to keep you warm during chilly fall evenings.

top cheap fall jacket for fall 2015

Topshop Suede Fringe Biker Jacket: I have a weakness for fringe. Most fringe jackets I come across a bit too cowboyish (like this one – you know what I mean), but this Topshop fringe biker jacket is perfect! I love the zippers and the fringe on the sleeves, making it a great jacket to wear out for a night.

top cheap fall fashion

Forever21 Shawl Collar Boucle Jacket: Isn’t the shape of this jacket great? I love the way it hangs in the front, instantly adding dimension to your look. Since it doesn’t seem to button up in the front, this is a jacket to be worn on slightly warmer days or to and from the office.

asos blush jacket

ASOS Ultimate Slim Blush Coat: I can’t handle this color! Most jackets are dark green, grey or black, which is why I love how fresh this one is. But the color isn’t too overwhelming and in fact, is very professional, making it the perfect fall jacket to wear to the office.

affordable fall jacket

Tobi Cool Autumn Nights Jacket: Every girl needs one jacket that is just for fun. Something with a bold pattern or a bright color. This is jacket is that jacket for the 2015 fall season. The fit is spot-on and the pattern is whimiscal (which I have a soft spot for).

black wool cape

Valentino Wool Blend Cape: In most states that have winters, capes are totally a joke once the real weather sets in. I’m a huge fan of capes – they’re comfy and are great statement pieces, but when it’s below 30 degrees and snowing, they just don’t keep you warm at all. That’s why capes make the perfect Spring/Fall jacket. This Valentino one is defiantly a staple item for your closet and will last or years since it’ll never go out of style.


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