5-Minute Honeymoon Beauty Routine

5-Minute Honeymoon Beauty Routine

When packing for our honeymoon, I struggled to narrow down the best beauty products and makeup to bring along. We’re traveling for 3 weeks across 5 countries, so I didn’t want to take too many products that I had to lug around. I also wanted to make sure I still could make myself up well – it was my honeymoon after all. 

When it came down to it, I skimmed my beauty routine and reached for some trusty products that travel well and act as dual-purpose products.

BB Cream: I wear this BB cream every day at home under my con clear and foundation. It’s a good moisture and has SPF in it, so it doubles as sunscreen as well. For the honeymoon, I left the foundation at home and just brought a big bottle of this.

Maybelline Conclear: To help cover up dark riches under my eyes, I brought along one small tub of Maybelline con clearer to wear daily.

e.l.f. blush & bronzer combo: Another double-hitter in my brush and bronzer combo. I use this daily to add a bit of color and contour to my face.

Maybelline Highlighter goes on my checks each day for a shimmery pop.

Maybelline Brow Kit: I fill in my eyebrows with a few swipes of this each morning.

Maybelline Lipstick: I brought 3 shades of lipstick (light mauve, dark red and red) to help add that finishing touch to my daily look.

Yes to Cucumbers Makeup Wipes: I use these daily at home, so I had to bring them along. They are the perfect thing to remove makeup and clean your face at the end of the day. They travel well, too!

Lush hard conditioner and shampoo: I picked up this stuff months ago to bring along to the honeymoon. They travel so well! Go into Lush and ask a sales associate which hard conditioner and shampoo is best for your hair, she’ll point you in the right direction!

Sample Bottle of Perfume to wear to dinners. This came in a goodie bag and has just enough perfume to last 3 weeks. If you don’t have a sample size bottle, bring a small roller.

Amika Hair Texturizer: I use this on the few nights we dressed up and I styled my hair. It helps add a bit of texture to curl it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is something I use almost daily. Bring the whole bottle, you’ll want it.

1 Inch Curling Iron: This size is perfect for daily curls or dressing up.

Tata Harper mist is a nice finish to makeup. It’s also handy for planes to keep your skin hydrated!

Hairbrush with prongs or bristles to act as a brush and a comb (double purpose!)

Lush Tooth Tabs for toothpaste: They don’t explode in your suitcase!

I hope this helps you pack for your long trip or honeymoon yourself! If you have any questions, leave a comment below.