What Suitcase to Bring on Your Trip

What Suitcase to Bring on Your Trip

Wondering what suitcase you should bring on your trip? Perhaps hunting for your perfect first luggage set? I’ve traveled a LOT and have learned a thing or two about the best (and worst) types of luggage to bring while traveling. Read on to find out my tips! 

Checked Bag:

When I’m heading on a trip that requires a checked bag, I’m always happy that I have a large, sturdy suitcase with a lock on it. Have you ever looked out your window from the plane and watched the crew load or unload bags? They just toss them into the luggage cart – even the ones marked “fragile” (no joke), and your suitcase, if on the bottom, could end up being crushed by 5-6 layers other suitcases on top of it. This is why it’s important to pick hefty luggage.

Try to find something with a hard shell to protect what’s inside of it, and a lock. I once had belongs I packed in a checked bag without locks “mysteriously” disappear after a flight.I’m not saying all airline crew members are shady, but some are, so protect your stuff!

Lastly, I look for a color, pattern, or design that is unique and stands out among the crowd. This makes it really easy to spot in the luggage carousel, but also helps protect it from thieves. If you have a hot pink suitcase with rainbows on it, it’s going to be hard for someone to just walk off with it without you noticing. If the airline ever happens to lose your luggage (I hope not!) it’s also easier for them to find a hot pink suitcase with rainbows on it versus another black one in the masses. Any of the below will serve you well on your travels! 


Carry-On Bag

I always believe it’s really important to have a smartly packed carry-on bag. When it boils down to it, this is your buddy for the length of your travel time (and if your airline loses your luggage, this could be your buddy for the length of your whole trip!). The biggest thing to keep in mind when hunting for your perfect carry-on is to make sure it fits the TSA-regulated size for carry-ons. I swear that it gets smaller every year, so please check what size your airline allows. Secondly, make sure you pick a bag that fits your lifestyle or travel location. Maybe you want a sleek roller carry-on because you’re just going right to a hotel. Maybe it’s a weekender bag for a casual vacation or even a backpack for the most adventurous of trips. As rule, I try to get the biggest one that my airline allows and really use the space to my advantage. Any of the below are good options.

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