My Journey To Feeling Comfortable In Shorts Again

My Journey To Feeling Comfortable In Shorts Again

Outfit Details:

Loft scallop shorts, Club Monaco sweater, Ego mules (similar), vintage rattan purse (similar)

As a size 10, curvy woman, shorts have never, ever been my friend. Most of my weight sits on my lower stomach, butt, and thighs, so squeezing those babies into tight shorts? So not fun. They squeeze my legs or squeeze my stomach, ride up so it looks like I’m wearing a diaper, or just hit me at all the wrong angles. I think I speak for all curvy woman that shorts are usually the enemy.

But, I’m trying to connect with shorts and feel comfortable in them again as a personal project. I really do love the look of shorts, especially unique ones like this chambray pair from Loft. But dang, is it hard to find a pair that actually fits right!

My common issues usually are at least one of the following:

  • Rides up and turns into a diaper look-alike
  • Too loose on top
  • Too tight around lower thighs
  • Pockets stick out at odd angles???
  • Too tight at the top (can’t sit down, yikes!)

I found this pair from Loft on sale and loved the scallop trim, so I thought “fuck it, I’m going to try shorts again!” When they came, I put them on and was happy that they actually fit. They’re higher quality fabric, so they lay well around my thighs. They still do bunch/ride up a bit as I walk, but not nearly as bad as most other shorts do. I really don’t think you can escape that as a curvy gal! I’m not exactly running to stock my closet with shorts, but I do feel like I made a good step towards feeling comfortable in shorts again.

Do you wear shorts? How do they make you feel?