How To Design Pins Without Photoshop

Custom designed pins are the key for driving a TON of traffic to your blog. I’m lucky – my mom taught me how to use Photoshop in 6th grade so I make all my pins there. But I know most bloggers either don’t have Photoshop (it’s not cheap) or aren’t sure where to start when it comes to making original pins. 

I’m an example of a custom pin! 

how to design pins without photoshop


Fret not! It’s 2018, the options to design graphic elements online are endless. There are services like Canva or Over that will help you place text on images. But of all the tools, my absolute favorite is Adobe Spark. It’s so easy to use and have a large array of templates. You can build custom elements for Pinterest, but also your IG Stories, Facebook – literally anything!

When you sign up for an account, you can also pop in your branding colors so it automatically makes templates with your font and colors so everything you make is on-brand. The design nerd in me loves this app!

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adobe park

To get started

To get started, open up Adobe Spark and click the Pinterest template size. Have your images and copy on hand to quickly input them!

Swap your layout

Swap your layout if you want to add more than one photo. There’s tons of photo arrangements available!

Upload your photo

Upload your photo or photos and the tool with automatically size them and place them in. Feel free to play around with the filters to make the pin pop!

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Add your logo – or not.

This is totally up to you! I add mine to some pins (like blogging tips) and leave it out of others (like fashion pins).

Play With Text

If you don’t like the text it suggestions, just hit the “text” button and play around with the font or layout of the copy. Or the copy itself! Use the little wheel to get font suggestions.


Download when you are done. Boom – that took you like 2 minutes, right?!

Make two versions

Make two versions of your pin before you exit. Either switch the copy or the background image and pin both. Check back in a few weeks to see which pin is doing better and in the future, make other pins more similar to that one.

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