Fame and Partners Bridesmaid Dresses

Fame and Partners Bridesmaid Dresses

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We’re getting to the point where a lot of big details are settled – like, we have a venue, a photographer and my dress. Things that weren’t settled? Robin’s outfit or my bridesmaid’s dresses. Well, with the wedding 4 months away, we scheduled Robin a fitting and I hoped online to Fame & Partners to start playing with dress designs.

If you read this post about my white dress, you know that Fame & Partners is a fashion brand doing something very different. They’ve thrown out the idea of fast fashion and instead only make custom, made to order pieces. They have a huge inventory of items and my favorite part – most are customizable. As in, I can pick the fabric color or even add on elements of flair to a dress. This in incredibly helpful when it came time to check bridesmaid dresses off the list.

After photographing so many weddings as a photographer, I learned one very important lesson: making your group of ladies all wear the same dress, in the same style is a very bad idea. Here’s why: my roommate from college is 5’8’’  with legs for days. My sister is short, petite and wears a size 0. One of my friends wears a double D bra and on and on. Trying to make all these body types fit into the same dress is just silly. I bet you want your girls to all be comfortable on your wedding day, right? Because of that, I knew from the get-go that I wanted mismatching dresses that each of my girls could tailor to their own body type so they felt confident and comfortable for my wedding. But putting that all together was serving as a challenge until I discovered Fame & Partners. Sourcing the dresses all from the same brand means the color and fabric type will stay constant s when the dress design varies, my wedding party doesn’t look like a big mess of blue fabric.

I wanted mismatching dresses that each of my girls could tailor to their own body type so they felt confident and comfortable for my wedding.

To help brides and wedding parties like myself, Fame & Partners launched a new tool designed for a group to collaborate on dresses. I was able to create a project, lock in a fabric color and  then invite each of my girls in so they could design their own dress online. No fittings at mass chain store, no mustached fabrics and quality level. The girls knew I approved the dresses and I knew they’d be happy wearing them. Easy, boom, done. Checking that off my list!

 I went with this beautiful dusty blue that just happens to almost match one of my pantone shades perfectly. They guys will be wearing a similar shade of shirts and our accent color is a warm red to fit into the fall colors of Wisconsin. Check back around October to view the photos from my actual wedding and see how all the girl’s dresses turned out!

Thank you for Fame & Partners for providing complimentary dresses.