Finding My Signature Style

Finding My Signature Style

As I grow older, I find myself wanting to find a signature style more and more. When I was a teenager and in college, all I needed was fast, cheap fashion (and still love it for trendy pieces) but now that I’m 25, I’m leaning towards collecting higher quality clothing. I love Forever21 and H&M – but their pieces last a year or two max (or sometimes not even that long) before they start to wear too much. I love keeping up on the trends while staying true to my sense of style, so I’m not anywhere near ready to abandon stores like H&M, but I also want to start buying pieces that will last for years and year and years (Like this dress)

This is a challenge because, up until a few years ago, my style changed frequently. I had an emo/scene phase in high school, then a hippie one. College brought waves of others styles and again, my wardrobe changed after moving to California (the mostly based on weather). I used to never wear heels, now they’re a staple. As a young girl, you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to wear a dress and now I practically live in them. So, what’s a girl to do?

I started by cleaning out my closet and narrowing down the ideas that I keep coming back to, then try to find similarities between them. Turns out, I love dresses in floral patterns, a-line shapes, midi skirts, and mostly blacks/whites/neutrals paired with loud pieces for a little fun. Everything I wear frequently is comfortable around my waist (curvy girl problems!) but not frumpy. My favorites play up my curves instead of hiding them.

Little Black Dress from Le ChateauLittle Black Dress from Le ChateauLittle Black Dress from Le Chateau

I’ve slowly been buying pieces here and there that I think have potential to be “forever” pieces. This dress from Le Chateau is one of them. The weight of the fabric is thicker than a dress you’d probably find at Target (still love you target!!) and because it’s little black dress, it’ll stay timeless. BUT, that fun dip in the front and choker gives it an elevated, fun feel that’s totally me. I could wear this to an event Friday, or a Friday 5 years from now and it’ll still be relevant and chic.

I’ve linked below some of my favorite “forever” pieces I either have or am eyeing! If you have a similar body share as me (curves on curves!) or clothing style, consider snapping up a couple of these items and staring your own signature style!

Next up: finding that perfect work tote! One that’s big enough for my laptop, has different sections/pocks to store my wallet, phone, endless amount of lipsticks and a sweater or jacket. I’m always on the go and still have yet to find that perfect bag! Let me know if you have suggestions!


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  1. Kathleen
    July 15, 2017 / 12:33 am

    This is a fabulous dress! Great choice 🙂