Gifts For Boyfriends Under $50

Gifts For Boyfriends Under $50

Guys are actually easy to shop for. Once you get past the generic, boring t-shirts and ties, navigating the field of manly gifts is fun. I consulted with Robin on this list, so it’s already 100% boyfriend approved, so I know your man will love anything on this list. And everything is under $50!


12 Piece Cocktail Mixer Set – $28: Robin LOVES playing bartender and making new drinks (usually with various forms of bourbon). It’s like baking, but for guys, and your man will love this set. Got a little extra to spend? Top it off with some actual bourbon (or what ever his favorite type is).

Spiced Rub Gift Box – $38: Every man wants to be a grill master, though many of our guys need a little help in the kitchen. Robin likes to buy special  spices and rubs for meats and a gift box set is a great place to start for your boyfriend or husband. Plus, this is basically a gift to yourself because you know you’ll be eating some great steak. That you didn’t have to cook yourself.

Bacon Waffle Maker – $30: What’s better than waffles with a side of bacon? BACON IN WAFFLES! Every Saturday morning Robin makes a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage but I kind of want him to switch to bacon waffles now…

The Art Of Shaving Sandalwood Kit – $30 and $60: I’ve got my makeup bag and Robin has his array of special shaving creams, fancy razors and amazing smelling aftershave. His brush to apply cream is made of badger hair – I’m telling you, guys get really into this stuff! If you got a man who needs to shave, get him the starter ($30) or mid-size kit ($60).


Birchbox Man – $20: I got Robin a Birchbox Man subscription a while back and he loves it just as much as I love my Birchbox. Quote ” It’s fun to see what you get, you learn about new products and stuff” – Robin. That’s such a guy quote, am I right? As the gift giver, I love watching him open his box each month and discover everything new.  Men’s boxes are more expensive than the women’s box, but it’s the only gift that keeps on giving month after month. Plus, they can review their items to earn up money to spend on the things they like. Win Win.

Monogrammed Leather Passport Case – $30: I feel like boys are always a little behind on accessories. I have a great leather case for my passport yet I’ve traveled with guys who just toss theirs in a bag, or worse their pocket so it’s all bent and not pretty anymore. If your man travels and hasn’t got a passport cover, get him a monogrammed leather one. It’s classy, manly and sleek. And will last for ages.

Silver Lion Belt Buckle – $46 While in Zurich a few years ago, I hunted around for a handcrafted belt buckle. I picked out a lion since I like the power is represents and gifted it to Robin because he wears belts everyday. Got a man who wears belts and likes subtle flashes of style? Get him this.

Mustache Print  – $10: Does your man aspire to be Ron Swanson? Does he have a mustache grooming kit or is really, really into Movember? Help inspire him daily with a mustache art print.

I hope this guide helps all you broke girls out there who are hunting for the perfect holiday gift for your boyfriend or husband. Let me know what you guys order! Got more great affordable ideas? Leave a comment below with your best gifts for boyfriends under $50!

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  1. Kathleen
    November 6, 2015 / 3:22 pm

    I’m sure the Cocktail Mixer Set and the Spiced Rub Gift Box would be appreciated here too 🙂 Love, Kathleen

  2. November 28, 2015 / 7:37 am

    I am obsessed with the bacon wafflemaker like I want it for myself ha!
    Linds @ Not A Mom