Mixed Seasons Style

Mixed Seasons Style

One thing about San Francisco that’s always a love-hate relationship for me is the weather. I LOVE how I no longer have to deal with snow, it never gets too cold, until recently it doesn’t rain much and the weather throughout the day tends to stay in a pattern (chilly, warm, chillier). What I don’t love is that actual pattern. I find it still hard to dress when it’s chilly in the morning, warm (or sometimes hot!) during the day but then even chiller during the evening commute. Do I wear a dress and brave it out in the morning and evening? Do I bundle up and sweat it out during the day? The mornings are much like fall or spring, the day is like summer and the night can be winter. Because of this, I’ve started adapting a “mixed seasons” style. 

Blush Sweater, Floral Pants - Whimsy Soul Blush Sweater, Floral Pants - Whimsy Soul

A great example is this outfit: a thick, warm sweater that keeps me warm during the evening, but pulls down to off-the-shoulder if I get a little too hot during the day. The capri pants cover enough up to stay cozy but still lends to bare skin during nice, sunny afternoons. Depending on the month, I may throw on a light jacket or coat to wear to and from work to top this outfit off. Have you ever had to work around mixed seasons? I’d love to hear how you combat this challenge! And to inspire you who live in climates like San Francisco, below I’ve listed out my favorite current mixed seasons outfits. 

For The Office 


Casual Day Running Errands 

Happy Hour With The Gals

Date Night


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