Wedding Wednesday – A New Series!

Wedding Wednesday – A New Series!

Hi guys – welcome to a new series called Wedding Wednesday! Wedding planning has a lot of moving details. From picking colors to renting tables to finding the perfect dress, I wanted to use this space to share my own personal wedding planning updates with you, as well as provide wedding planning tips and inspiration. I’m not sure if I will be able to get a post out every single week, but I’m going to try my best!

For this first post, I want to give you a general update on where we are in our planning process! The first hard obstacle we had was picking the right date. For the past couple of years, I’ve really liked the idea of getting married on my childhood home in Wisconsin – it sits on 16 acres of gardens, woods and fields. It’s a beautiful space (and free because my dad is awesome). So, unlike most people, we didn’t have to go through the struggle of beating out other couples for a spot at a venue. That being said, there was still a lot to go into picking our date.

Below are questions to ask yourself when you are picking a date and venue for your own wedding:

  • What is the weather like that time of year?
  • Will there be bugs to worry about?
  • Humidity?
  • Does the venue have screens, AC, indoors space, etc to combat this?
  • What is the chance that it will rain?
  • Will I need a tent if my reception is outdoors?
  • What is my company doing that time of year? Will I be busy on a major project or is it the slow period?
  • How many days can I take off for my wedding and honeymoon?
  • What major holidays are happening around my date that I should know about?
  • Is school in session?
  • If school is in session, will that make it hard for kids and college students to attend?
  • Do any of my family members have a conflict with our date?
  • Will it be easy to hire help (photographers, caterers, etc) or is it a competitive date?
  • Is there enough time from now and my date to plan a wedding?

I could go on and, but that was our basic though process when nailing down a date. We ended up booking a photographer we love for the 16ht, to officially lock in that date. I’m now crossing fingers that furniture rentals, DJs, etc are also free that day. I decided to write out this whole thought process for you so you can start asking yourselves the right questions when it comes time for you to pick your own date and venue. Due to family, weather and life events, finding the right time isn’t black and white. For me, weddings are all about celebrating with family and friends, not putting on a “Me Show”, so it was important for us to find a time that worked for everyone and would result in the best event possible for our guests. 

And that wraps up our first Wedding Wednesday! See you next week!