A Broke Girl’s Gift Guide: Secret Santa

A Broke Girl’s Gift Guide: Secret Santa

Ahhh, secret santa gifts under $25. If your office takes part, you know how challenging it can be to find a good secret santa gift. Really, it’s only fun if you draw an office friend, but even if you do, gifting is tricky. Do you get something goofy? Is anything alcohol related unprofessional? Should you get them something they can use at the office or at home? eekk! 

I think the key to secret santa are gifts that people can use at the office, like a really cute “to-do” list or a fun mug ( nothing lame, guys) OR something that fits their personality that they can use at home, like a good book or beer making kit. Don’t crap out and get something that’s clearly picked up from the corner Walgreens in a rush the morning of the exchange when there are so many great gifts out there! You are so much better than candy bars and cheap Walgreens wine.  All gifts are under $25. 

*Pstttt: not doing secret santa? These gifts are still good ideas for anyone! 

Makeup Holiday Bag – $25: This gift is great for any female coworker who wears makeup. Like, literally anyone.  A second makeup bag that they can keep at the office filled with extras to touch up with? Great gift. 

Marble Laptop Cover – $24: I can’t be the only one who *loves* the marble trend. If you have a coworker with a bare laptop, get them this. 

Beer Snob Glass – $12: I’m a beer snob and I can never have enough beer glasses. If you know a coworker likes a good craft beer, this will go over well.

Thermal Travel Mug – $18:  This is another gift that’s good for pretty much any female in your office. Even if someone doesn’t bring coffee to work (or – gasp! – drink coffee), travel mugs are also great for tea lovers. 

Dot Monogram Flameless Candle – $22: This gift is good for two types of coworker: the one you don’t know that well, and the one who you know is a decor and/or monogram addict. 

Pizza Socks – $8: I love a good goofy sock. If you notice that a coworker always has colorful socks, gift them these cheesy ones (hah!) and the best news is that they come in a pack, so you can keep one for yourself or gift them to more people. 

Canvas Card Holder – $20: Guys tend to wear out their wallet to shred before getting a new one. If you’ve ever grabbed lunch with a male coworker and noticed their wallet is near the end of it’s life, gift them this card holder. 

MEOW Stemless Wine Glass – $16: For your office bestie and/or the self proclaimed cat lady. 

Mac & Cheese Book – $16: I want a copy for myself! This is a stellar gift for any foodie. Even if they don’t cook that much at home, everyone loves mac & cheese and everyone will love this as a gift. 

Got a bit extra to spend? I suggest this beer making kit ($40) for any beer geeks or Kate Spade’s All In Good Taste book ($28). 

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  1. Kathleen
    December 8, 2015 / 10:19 am

    This is such a fun selection… those socks… I’ve got a couple of teenagers here who would die for those socks!!

    And if you’re into collecting beer glasses : here in Belgium all beers have their own glass… A Stella goes in a Stella glass and not in a Jupiler glass… A Duvel goes in a Duvel glass and not in a Leffe glass… it’s like a criminal offence if you drink it out of the ‘wrong’ glass 🙂

    (oh, I’d go for those wine glasses !!)

    Love, Kathleen

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