New Beauty Trick | Olive Oil Skin Benefits

New Beauty Trick | Olive Oil Skin Benefits

What are olive oil skin benefits you ask? This new beauty trick isn’t actually new at all, it’s one that women have been using for thousands of years. I first caught wind of this beauty trick back when I was a kid. For some reason we were all out of lotion in the house, so my mom put olive oil on her hands instead, telling me quickly about how Greek women used to use it all the time as a moisturizer. 

I didn’t start using it regularly in my winter beauty routine until last year, though. I bought these little droppers from Amazon and filled two up with the Target brand extra virgin olive oil we had in our cupboard. One stays in my beauty cabinet, one lives in my travel beauty bag. While I have an array of lotions and creams I use for my skin, olive oil is my favorite to reach for in the winter because it’s like a big drink of water for your skin.

olive oil skin benefits

Olive Oil Skin Benefits

Olive oil has tons of vitamins, A, D, E and K. It has antioxidants and penetrates your pores to deeply hydrate, unlike some beauty products which can clog your pores. When you use pure olive oil, you can also rest happy knowing that you are using something natural on your skin as well. Oils are a trending beauty product of the moment, but why spend $50 on a fancy blended oil when you can use something that’s already in your kitchen?

How To Use Olive Oil On Skin

I use olive oil at night as my nightly moisturizer during the winter. I apply a heavy dose to my face and neck and let my skin absorb it overnight. I then wake up with hydrated skin! A challenge in the winter when the heat is on and the air is drier, so I use olive oil as my secret weapon. If I’m bumming around the house all day, I’ll sometime put olive oil on my face after I wash it in the morning.

I also love using olive oil after I use a clay mask or peel, as it’s a quick way to regain all the moisturizer my skin may have lost during the mask process.

olive oil skin benefits
olive oil skin benefits


Olive oil is a really affordable way to keep your skin healthy. It may sound strange, but it works! A side note – I have normal to dry skin, so this works wonders for my skin type. If you have very oily skin, I would try this out, but it may make your skin worse.

At the end of the day, olive oil is a beauty trick women have been using for years. Would you try this?


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