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The Cashmere Trench Coat

Camel Cashmere Trench Coat

I’ve always loved the classic look of a camel cashmere trench coat. To me, it’s always been a style symbol of sophistication, like a right of passage into that part of adulthood where you’ve got your shit together and wearing high heels, a trench coat and chasing down the train in the city is your everyday norm. 

I’ve been holding out on a long coat because I haven’t found one that fits my style perfectly. All the coats I’ve stumbled upon are either a little too preppy, too stuffy or too expensive (I’m not THAT much of an adult yet). But, I fell in love with this cashmere coat from Le Chateau. The front cut is so unique that I knew it had to be mine. The movement of the coat adds an element of fun to any outfit, which is something I look for in fashion. Plus, it’s that perfect weight for San Francisco. Warm, but not too warm. 

Excuse me while I run after the train, coat tails flapping in the wind.
Camel Cashmere Trench Coat Camel Cashmere Trench Coat Camel Cashmere Trench CoatCamel Cashmere Trench Coat

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