10 Cool Treehouse Airbnb’s You’ll Want To Sleep In

10 Cool Treehouse Airbnb’s You’ll Want To Sleep In

We love using Airbnb for cool, unique vacation rentals. From beachside vacation homes to castles in Ireland, Airbnb has it all. This past week we spent a night in this cool treehouse Airbnb in Los Gatos that was in the middle of a vineyard! It was such a unique experience to fall asleep in a tree and wakeup among the vines. There are a lot of really cool treehouses on Airbnb that are available to rent! Keep scrolling to find my list of cool treehouse Airbnb’s that you’ll want to sleep in.

Treehouse in Vineyard Overlooking Monterey Bay

This is the Airbnb we stayed in! I loved the views and how close it was to San Jose. Just a quick drive down from San Francisco and even closer for those living in Silicon Valley!

Location: Los Gatos, California

Price: $220 per night

Secluded Intown Treehouse

This treehouse is located in Atlanta and is a quick drive from downtown, transporting you away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a no time! There are three rooms that are all furnished, and there’s even a fun bridge that is adorned with string lights for a whimsical touch at night!

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Price: $375

Treehouse Canopy Room: Permaculture Farm

Another treehouse located in Maimi, but tucked away for the perfect urban oasis! The Canopy Room sits in a pithocilobium tree and on an urban farm, so you’ll have goats, pigs and other animals milling about below. The hosts equip the bed with a netting for the buggy summer seasons. Guests raved about the hammock and the food available within the concrete jungle.

Location: Miami, Florida

Price: $65

Willow Treehouse

Located on a lake 15 minutes away from the famous town of Woodstock, this treehouse has a unique, modern shape to it. Past guests raved about the views, stating the photos don’t do the views justice. It’s a perfect place for a romantic couples trip away in the woods.

Location: Willow, New York

Price: $325

Montana Treehouse Retreat

This treehouse is all about luxury! There’s full bathrooms and tempur-pedic mattresses along with A/C and heat. It’s a double-decker, so there’s plenty of space for a group of 4. It’s in Columbia Falls, aka the gateway to Glacier National Park. If you’re planning on visiting the national park but aren’t looking to book a night inside the park, this is the place to lodge.

Location: Columbia Falls, Montana (Glacier National Park)

Price: $399

Modern Tree Dwelling

This treehouse stands out for its woodfire hot tub! Grab some wine and soak in the hot tub while enjoying stellar views of the river. They suggest visiting either in the Fall, or fall foliage, or the winter, for a cozy escape.

Location: Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Price: $289

Treehouse At Kilauea Volcano

This tree house is the perfect place to experience nature at its best while still having the comfort you desire. Located just a couple of miles from the Kilauea Volcano this tree house is in an excellent spot for exploring the beauty of the island of Hawaii.

Location: The Island of Hawai’i, Hawaii

Price: $250


Whispering Wind Treehouse

Whispering Wind is known for its vintage elegance and beautiful location. Guests love the view of the landscape and the ceiling above the sleeping loft has skylights to gaze into the sky in amazement

Location: Argyle, New York

Price: $195

Summit Prairie Lookout

This Lookout in Tiller, Oregon isn’t technically a tree house, but you will be 40 feet in the air and be able take in the spectacular views of Umpqua National Forest while relaxing in this off the grid yet modern perch. Book well ahead of time because they book up far in advance.

Location: Tiller, Oregon

Price: $175

Alpaca Treehouse In The Bamboo Forest

This beautiful tree house is in a bamboo forest! The ambiance here looks amazing, and they have lots of Alpacas. Atlanta seems to be the place to find the best tree house Airbnbs.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Price: $375

All images other than my own are sourced from Airbnb listings on airbnb.com.