25 Before 25

25 Before 25

So, I’m officially a quarter of a century old today. The big 2-5.  In celebration, I wanted to share with you a list of 25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25 to help inspire you to live big. 

25 Before 25

  1. Move to a new city (preferably a whole new state).
  2. Learn about wine. Like really learn it so you know what bottles to not buy at the store (and impress your older relatives at family get-togethers). 
  3. Do something you’ve never done before and keep doing a new thing each year. 
  4. Figure out how to do your own taxes.
  5.  Cook a 3-course meal for you and your friends. Go big or go home. 
  6. Better yet, treat yourself to one of those fancy 10-course dinners out at a restaurant. Wear big pants. 
  7. Re-visit a favorite place from your childhood. 
  8. Buy house plants (and keep them alive). 
  9. Spend a day playing tourist in your own city. 
  10. Reconnect with an old friend and plan a time each month or two to talk with them. 
  11. Go to a baseball game. Order a $15 beer and a $6 hotdog. Soak it all in. 
  12. Ditch the boyfriend or girlfriend and go on a friends only trip. 
  13. Go a week eating vegan. Or Paleo. Or vegetarian. Anything you’ve been wanting to try that challenges how you view food and health. 
  14. Invest in the stock market, even if it’s just one $7 stock. 
  15. Set up a retirement fund and actually contribute towards it. 
  16. Do a mega clean of your closet and donate anything that you don’t wear. Start fresh! 
  17. Visit a World Wonder (there’s 7, so you have some options!)
  18. Invest in your health and safety. Looking at you, health + renters + car insurance. Adulting sucks, I know. 
  19. Stop buying Ikea furniture and decorate your apartment with quality materials. 
  20. Collect something – anything. I like to collect art from travels to always keep those memories in my home. 
  21. Get a pet. If you can’t have pets in your building, get a fish. Having an extra personality around is so very enriching, and you’ll love the feeling of keeping something else other than yourself alive. 
  22. Have at least one really hot outfit on hand to whip out for a date or special occasion. The more red lipstick, the better. 
  23. Visit a new country and spend a whole day getting lost in a new city. 
  24. Eat the pizza. Always eat the pizza. 
  25.  Take time for an adventure. Use all your PTO at once for a roadtrip with friends, a workshop to learn a new skill or travel the ends of the earth. Anything. Experiences are worth more than things. 


Here’s to 26! 



  1. Georgiana
    September 7, 2016 / 8:09 pm

    Happy birthday!!! How many of these did you check off the list? And what’s the plan for the next 5 years? I love reading your blog!

    • Kara
      September 8, 2016 / 2:44 pm

      Everything but the second half of #15 haha. Still working on that one. And thank you for reading WS!!