How To De-stress After Work

How To De-stress After Work

How to destress after workHow to destress after workHow to destress after workHow to destress after workHow to destress after workHow to destress after work

Jumpsuit + Heels // Mint Boutique    Necklace (old) // H&M 

Managing a work life balance can be tricky, especially in these modern times when, thanks to tech, you can never really be turned out and tuned out from your job. De-stressing after a long day is something we all need to be better at. I know I can’t be the only one who will come home and hunch over Pinterest for the evening, not really doing anything but staring at a screen. Again. 

Over the years I’ve been trying to de-stress properly after a work day and wanted to share my tips with you!

1. Take A Walk Right After Getting Home

If I stall a bit, my urge to leave the house again sharply decreases. So, right after getting home, I set my purse down, grab the boy and we go for a walk around the neighborhood. This evening we walked up to the Moraga Steps (a great workout!) and snapped some quick photos. Even a small 15 minute walk really helps to loosen the body up and clear the mind. 

2. Have a Cup Of Tea … Or a Glass Of Wine

Either do an excellent job of de-stressing you quickly. My favorite tea to drink after a long day is chamomile lavender. The key is to sip your drink of choice slowly and let the stresses of the day fade away. 

3. Turn Off Your Phone

I mean it! Turn that baby off and unplug. There is something so refreshing about not being distracted by little beeps every 5 minutes. And you won’t be tempted to mindlessly poke around your phone. Digital detox = good for the mind. 

4. Cook A Great Dinner

I find cooking very relaxing and therapeutic. You don’t have to cook something crazy, but cook yourself something good. Take that extra 30 minutes chop, stir and flip your way to a more relaxed evening. (And if you just can’t cook at all, treat yo’ self to a killer take out meal!)

5. Set Aside The Next Day’s Outfit

Knowing that everything is all planned out for the morning allows me to relax easier that night. Try setting aside your outfit for the next day. If you looking for something new and cute, I’m in love with this jumpsuit from Mint Boutique that I’m wearing in these photos! It’s so comfy, you just can’t have a bad day at work while wearing it.  

6. Chocolate Time

If all else fails, find some chocolate in your cupboard and relish in it. Dark chocolate has been proven to increase your mood and you can’t say no to science.  Right? 


I hope these tips help you de-stress after work! Let me know if you have other great tips.