evanhealy Is The Organic Skincare Brand You Need

evanhealy Is The Organic Skincare Brand You Need

I was at a Whole Foods brunch this Spring and they were providing guests with free mini facials, so naturally, this gal hopped on that train. I love me some free facials. During the middle, my esthetician started applying hydrosol from evanhealy and chatting to me about how great the brand is. She was telling me that evanhealy is the organic skincare brand you need for amazing skin.

If you’ve ever been to a spa or a salon, you’ve probably experienced this same thing – the esthetician trying to upsell you on buying the product she uses. I was stuck in the chair, so I listened, learn what exactly hydrosols are, learned about the history of the brand and then went on my merry way. I would have never thought twice about evanhealy if it weren’t for the gift bags we all got at the end of the event that contained a couple samples from the brand. I took them home, started using them and holy moly, I fell in love!

evanhealy is a holistic, USDA certified skincare brand based out of Southern California. They specialize in natural-based skincare products like serums, oils, masks and hydrosols. You’ll find products like blue cactus elixir and green tea clay masks, just to name a few. I personally had samples of the Rosehip Treatment Serum, Rose HydroSoul and the Whipped Shea Butter for Lips.

I love hydrosols. I love giving myself a midday mist to refresh my skin and give my mind a little boost. 

Hydrosols are water that’s infused with plant essence. It’s incredibly nourishing for your skin and helps to hydrate it without drying it out. I love using it at the very end of my skincare or makeup routine as a final touch, and also throughout the day as a little refresher. The rosehip serum did wonders for my sensitive skin. I grew up with really bad eczema that I’ve mostly grown out of, but sometimes I get patches on my face or hands and the rosehip is a natural way to reduce the rashes. I’m currently using the rosehip serum to spot treat a patch of eczema on my chin and it’s been the only thing that has been helping to reduce the flare-up.

evanhealy has so many products that I can’t possibly name them all, so I encourage you to check the brand out and try something from their line. They aren’t the cheapest option, but trust me – it’s worth paying extra for powerful organic skincare that will actually help you solve your skincare problems in a natural way. You can find evanhealy products at Whole Foods or Amazon.

As someone who spends a lot of time trying out different beauty brands to share with you, evanhealy stuck out to me as a winner because the products are organic AND actually work.

Oh, this isn’t sponsored by the way! I just really love evanhealy. The older I get, the more I’m focused on eating organic foods and putting organic products on my skin. If you’ve been experiencing ANY skincare issue at all – dryness, acne, rashes, blemishes, etc, I highly recommend you stop using whatever you are using and check out evanhealy instead. Most skincare products these days have some sort of chemicals in them that may be making your condition worse. Plants won’t make it worse, so try swapping your skincare line out for a bit and see if anything improves (I bet it will!)

Have you tried evanhealy?