How Cetaphil Body Wash Helps Sensitive Skin

How Cetaphil Body Wash Helps Sensitive Skin

I’ve had sensitive skin my whole life and it was really bad when I was a kid, so I spent a LOT of time testing out all the different methods to help. Lotions, soaps, oils… Cetaphil was actually a brand that my doctor recommended I try out and I quickly fell in love with it.

Back then my skin pretty much hated everything I put on it except the most gentle of products. My bathroom was stocked with Cetaphil lotions and soaps.I still have sensitive skin issues, especially after we are traveling a lot and I’m 1) stressed, which stresses my skin and 2) using not too great hotel soaps on a regular basis. When that happens, I always schedule myself a self-care time: candles, a funny podcast and a long shower with Cetaphil® Ultra Gentle Body Wash.

I’m a big true crime nerd, so sometimes I’ll throw on the latest episode of a crime podcast, or one of the happier ones I listen to if I need some extra cheer to my day. I’ll tell Robin not to bother me, light a scented candle, turn up the volume and the hot water and enjoy some zen time.


Cetaphil Body Wash is the key to keeping my sensitive skin happy. It’s an aloe, hypoallergenic, vitamin-rich body wash that’s wonderful for all types of skin, but especially for me and others with chronic skin conditions. As a kid, I used unscented/ fragrance-free body washes, but now that my skin can handle topical lotions/soaps better, I now use the Ultra Gentle Soothing Body Wash which has a really nice smell. You can find it at CVS – we have one near us and it’s easy to spot in the body wash section.

Taking some “me time” to turn my brain off and take care of my body is needed to stay healthy and to avoid burnout! And skin is included in that routine, especially because when you have sensitive skin, how your skin looks and feels really makes a difference on my mood for the day. Next time you’re picking up new body wash at CVS, pick up a bottle of Cetaphil Body Wash and I promise you’ll fall in love, too!