This Hotel Has A Carousel Bar!

This Hotel Has A Carousel Bar!

Drop everything and run to New Orleans because this hotel has a carousel bar! That revolves! Hotel Monteleone is in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans and quickly won our hearts over with all its charm and history.

Walk into the lobby of Hotel Monteleone and after you relish in the air conditioning (living in the Bay has made me forget what humidity feels like!)you’ll find a grand lobby full of New Orleans antiques in displays. Off to the right is the famous Carousel Bar! It’s exactly as it sounds – a revolving carousel bar for the kids at heart. It’s frequently packed, the best time to go to ensure a seat is on a weekday towards the beginning of their open hours.

I loved our room and all the thoughtful details put into not only the decor but the functionality of it. Vanity mirror with a light, a Keurig to fuel my mornings, the sleek way the TVs are hidden in an antique-style dresser. My favorite part, though, is the wallpaper. Yellow is my favorite color and the walls are covered in this beautiful pale yellow striped wallpaper. I need it in our own apartment!

The beauty of the hotel doesn’t stop there. The rooftop is 16 floors up and has an amazing view of the city. Up there you’ll find a pool and lounge chairs, complete with a poolside bar and mist fans to keep you cool. It’s the perfect place to start the morning with a read or to lounge around on a hot afternoon.

On your next visit to New Orleans, stay at Hotel Monteleone. The location makes everything you want to see, eat or do in the French Quarter steps away. When can I move in? HA!