Is Spring Here Yet?

Is Spring Here Yet?

Gahh, I know that “winter” here in San Francisco is basically like every other season, but I’m really looking forward to Spring. Flowers blooming everywhere, slightly warmer temps and that really great smell the air always seems to have. You know what I mean.

Spring Outfit - Whimsy SoulSpring Outfit - Whimsy SoulSpring Outfit - Whimsy SoulSpring Outfit - Whimsy Soul Spring Outfit - Whimsy Soul

I think the best way to combat the winter blue is to just pretend that it’s over. Of course, this is way easier done in San Francisco where it doesn’t snow, but I do think popping on a colorful skirt or heels or hat or whatever can help cheer things up a bit. This spring look is all made of old things – so I’ve linked similar items. The skirt was from Forever21, the sweater from H&M, the hat from a thrift store and the heels from Target. 

What’s your favorite thing to do to combat the winter blues?