3 Ulitimate Date Styles

3 Ulitimate Date Styles

Robin and I have been together for over 4.5 years so when i comes to date ideas – I think I’m pretty much an expert at this point. With Valentines Day around the corner, I wanted to take this time to share my 3 ultimate date styles and favorite ways to spend time with your man. 

 adventure date idea

Adventure Time: My favorite date day is when Robin and I pick a location, pack our camera, and just go explore. Sometimes it’s a just new neighborhood in San Francisco or further to Napa Valley or hiking in the Marin Headlands. Sometimes it’s even to SoCal. We always have such a blast spending the day together while experiencing something new. The memories we bring back home with us always last a lifetime.  Next time you’re planning a date day, consider an adventurous one. 

casual date idea

The Local Pub: At this point, fancy, overpriced dinners are just not for us anymore (most of the time). Instead of going out to a stuffy restaurants and dropping $150 on one meal, we like to head to our favorite local pub and kick it back casual style. We love getting out of the house and people watching while trying new beers and just spending time together. Low key, low budget, high return. Bonus point if it’s trivia night 

netflix and chill date

Netflix & Chill (on Steroids): A night of just hanging out at home is actually still one of our favorite “dates”. To make the night feel more special than just any ole’ night at home, we always buy a fancy 6 pack, make a pizza and bake some fresh cookies. Just hangout drinking and eating to a new comedy movie on Netflix is so great when you’ve been together forever. 


So, what date sounds the best to you?