Last-Minute Labor Day Weekend Getaway Ideas

Last-Minute Labor Day Weekend Getaway Ideas

If you’re anything like me, August totally flew by  and I forgot that Labor Day Weekend is THIS WEEKEND! Yelp. Robin and I haven’t made any plans yet, but I know I want to do something fun because my birthday is on Monday aka Labor Day. It’s so nice when you don’t have to work on your birthday 🙂

So, because I’m in the scramble to plan something fun to do on Labor Day Weekend, I’m sharing with you some ideas for last minute getaways for you other ladies who lost track of time. Happy adventures!

1// Go Up North or Down South: Here in San Francisco we have both options. Up north for a day trip to Napa or down South along the coast to LA. Can’t go wrong with either. I could also go East to Lake Tahoe if I was really dedicated. Back home in Wisconsin, we had the option of up North to Door County or Lake Superior or down south to Chicago. You get my drift. Pick a direction and just go, even if it’s just for a day!

2// Check out last-minute airline tickets. Sometimes airlines want to fill up their planes and offer discounted flights at the last minute. If you’ve got a packed bag and a friend but nowhere to go, I suggest doing some research online to find a good last minute deal. And leave a comment below with where you are going!

3// Beach Day: Pretty obvious but defiantly underrated. Take this long weekend as a chance to really soak up the sun and the beach one last time. To make it extra special than a normal beach day, pack a little more and spend a night along your beach town or even go camping on the beach.

4// Go Camping: On the note of camping, late summer is one of my favorite times to camp. Why? The temps are a bit cooler but not chilly and there’s less of a chance for rain. Perfect combo! Most national and state parks offer camp spots and they are everywhere. You probably live closer to a state park than you realize. So load up on those marshmallows, grab your flannel and get some goo ole’ nature time in before the busy school season starts again.

5// Staycation: Yes, I know this post is about getaways, but something you just need a staycation, especially if you are on a budget. Here’s what I would do on a staycation: I would dedicate one day to exploring your city. Robin and I love to go on long walks around San Francisco and always stumble across something new. On the second day, stay inside in bed or on the couch all day. Order pizza, binge on Netflix and cuddle up. Seriously, a little down time will go a long way in mentally preparing yourself for the fall. On the last day, I would find something fun going on in my city (like an outdoor concert), picnic in a park or out to eat at a new restaurant. Something low-key but fun and that you wouldn’t do on a normal weekend.

So those are my last-minute Labor Day weekend getaway ideas! What are your plans for the holiday? Leave a comment below!

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