Are Mini Skirts The Enemy For Curvy Women?

Are Mini Skirts The Enemy For Curvy Women?

I’m a 90’s baby – I grew up on Barney, Pokemon, fruit rolls up – and that awful 2000’s fashion style? That was MY generation who thought that Holister was the holy mecca and you couldn’t leave the house without 3-10 chokers on. It was also the era of the mini skirt – you know, the one all the cool hot kids from CW to your own high school wore. The problem? I’ve never felt confident in mini skirts,. When you got a big butt and thighs, the idea of trying to squeeze into something tight and short has always left me feeling exposed. But, I’m older now. I haven’t tired on a mini skirt since I was probably 14, and I know I can’t be the only one. So that brought me to this question: Are mini skirts the enemy for curvy women?

To find out, I hopped online and scoured the internet for a denim mini skirt. I finally found one at H&M that was high waisted – a clothing style I know I love so I gave this skirt a chance. My first reaction after trying it on? “Dang, these things aren’t so bad!” Then I put this whole outfit together (shirt here, shoes here, similar bag here) and you know what? I felt hot. Robin also told me I was hot, but he’s marrying me so he has to say that 😉 In my memory, wearing mini skirts was the same when you crack open a roll of cinnamon roll dough – a lot of ooze coming out of something too small. This one, this time? totally different. I think the high waist helped a whole lot – I felt all “tucked in” so to speak on top. Pairing it with heels made me feel like I had legs for days, something I don’t usually feel like considering my size 10, 5’5” frame.

H&M denim skirtH&M denim skirt and floral top

To really test this skirt out, though, I needed to take it beyond my studio apartment, so Robin and I ran a few quick errands around the neighborhood. This is where my starry eyes for mini skirts faded a bit. After a walking a few blocks, it started to ride up around my hips – something I know you all can relate to. Sitting down? It rides up more and barely covered what it was suppose to. I felt like i was constantly tugging at my mini skirt, which is something I hate doing with clothes.

I’m an a-line, comfy top type of gal. I want to put on an outfit and feel comfortable AND confident all day.

So, am I keeping the mini skirt? I’m not sure yet. It makes me feel hot, but also makes me feel exposed. And I don’t think you have to be exposed to feel hot.

H&M denim skirt H&M denim skirt H&M denim skirt

Are mini skirts the enemy for curvy women? That I know the answer too: no. But, they aren’t something this curvy woman will be wearing all the time. How about you? I’d love to hear your take on mini skirts! Leave a comment below with Hell Yay! Or No Way!


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  1. April 26, 2017 / 8:53 am

    Your outfit is so cute! And those heels are everything! Learning to love mini skirts was a challenge for me too (b/c I’ve got more thighs than I know what to do with) but when I slip one on for a night out, I feel so confident and sexy! And let’s be real, who doesn’t enjoy feeling like that? It’s all about finding the cut and style that works best for your body. I’m giving mini skirts a HELL YAY for making me feel like Beyonce 🙂