The Smart Way To Shop The Pinterest Top 100 Fashion Trends for 2018

The Smart Way To Shop The Pinterest Top 100 Fashion Trends for 2018

I geeked out when Pinterest released their Top 100 Fashion Trends of 2018 report earlier this year. As a blogger, it’s part of my job (and of course, my passion) to hunt out unique finds and predict upcoming trends to share with readers. It was gratifying to see some trends I predicted on the list and supported by such an authoritative company. I also learned about a lot of trends I didn’t see coming or even thought about! Many of you also felt inspired by the trends report… and inspired to go shop them! With that in mind, I’m taking the time to share my hack for the smart way to shop the Pinterest Top 100 Fashion Trends for 2018.

As a rule of thumb, I never shop anything without a credit card that gives back rewards. My current favorite card is the Starbucks Rewards Visa Card to rack up ~ all the Stars ~ and earn this gal fun drinks and other perks. You can earn Stars on all purchases, so it’s the perfect card to use when shopping up a storm from the Top 100 trends report. Get yourself new things and Stars that will reward you with food and drinks! Fashion and coffee?! Yes, please.

I snapped up a few new trends, grabbed a Violet Drink Starbucks Refresher to match my outfit and styled my favorite style and beauty trends for you to make the ultimate 2018 outfit.

Larger Than Life Earrings

As you may know, I’m a big lover of statement earrings. They’re such a fun way to add a pop of sass to any outfit. With larger than life earrings on the trend list, this means it’s even easier to find fun, bold pieces to shop. I’m personally very into pom-pom earrings and found these on Amazon for $7. Earned myself Stars and fun new piece to my jewelry collection!

Long Live Layers

A modern update to the long trench coat style of the 80’s and 90’s is the “long layers” trend. Instead of grabbing a long coat, since the warm months are upon us, I instead dug out this long kimono I bought on a trip to China a few years ago. It hits mid-calf on me and totally embodies that long layer trend!

Plastic Is Back

Lucite and plastic pieces will start popping up more and more. From lucite bangles to plastic see-through purses, this futuristic fashion piece is up 110% in popularity. I found these plastic heels from Forever21 for $12. Boom, more Stars!

Classic Denim + Wide Is Back

The era of colored jeans is fading out and the classic denim is coming back! Wide leg pants are also all the range of the moment. To merge the two, I found this fab pair of wide-leg denim pants that are also high waisted for this curvy gal! As I’ve chatted about before on Whimsy Soul, I find shopping for jeans to be so tiring and hard. When you got a big butt and thighs – aka, a normal body shape – jeans are the enemy. This pair, though, fit like a glove, keeps my mid-region tucked in and are totally on trend. Find these from Old Navy, earn more Stars.

Bright Eyes

It may be hard to tell from the photos, but I wore bright pink eyeshadow with this outfit. Edgy, look at me eyes with bold colors is on the list of beauty trends for 2018! The fun doesn’t stop at clothes. Reminds me of the day in 8th grade when I slapped on a bunch of blue eyeshadow… my peers thought it was goofy, but I was just ahead of my time, y’all!

We Can’t Believe It’s Not Dairy!

Non-dairy food is on the rise. The Starbuck’s Violet Drink not only looks fun and tastes fun (so fruity and creamy!), but it’s made with coconut milk. You earn 3 stars for every $1 spent within Starbucks, so this drink rewards you more than once. Shop the trends smart, people! (And yes, drinks and coffee can totally be a style accessory!)


Ok, so this isn’t on the Top 100 list, but I think it should be. Wicker, straw and rattan items are all the rage right now and I’m here for it. From rattan chairs to straw hats to wicker purses, I love the tropical, vintage vibes this style trend offers. I went on a little shopping spree on Poshmark and thrifted four different vintage straw purses for the summer… and earned myself some  Stars! BOOM.

Which trend is your favorite? I’d love to hear below!

When shopping the Top 100 trends for yourself, don’t forget to use your Starbucks Rewards Visa Card to earn Rewards on purchases you’re already making. It’s the best hack for making your money stretch further. Did I mention you get instant Gold Member status when signing up for the card? You can waltz right into your local Starbucks dresses to the nines in long layers and denim, grab your complimentary Barista Pick and know you’re living your best life.