Statement Earrings I Love

Statement Earrings I Love

I’ve been riding hard on statement earrings lately. I go in and out of phases with jewelry (for a while, I was all about rings!) and right now bold, chunky, fun earrings are what I’m grabbing each day to top my outfits off. I love how they spice up any outfit instantly. Basic black jumpsuit turns modern and cool when paired with these earrings. A bun and chunky sweater goes from cozy to cozy-chic with earrings like these. These are statement earrings I love right now to add a hit of fun to any outfit! 

I’ve been finding a lot of fun earrings at major fast fashion stores like NA-KD, but also little boutiques like Cotton & Clay Co or Local Electic. I also LOVE heading to Goodwill and other thrift stores to find amazingly unique earrings for just a couple of bucks. Plus, with everyone
“Marie Kondo-ing” their house right now, the pickings are good!


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