The Space Needle

The Space Needle

I love visiting city “towers”. I have this lust for the sweeping views and always have to be pulled away from the windows when my travel companions want to leave. The Space Needle was no different. 
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The entire trip we had really good luck with being at the right place in the right time. We headed to the Space Needle around 3pm on Friday and there wasn’t any line! From someone who has spent probably hours waiting in line for the Sears Tower, CN Tower, Shanghai Tower (just to name a few), I was thrilled we got to go up right away – perfect time for the sunset! 

I loved the outdoor deck with 360 views of the city. It was windy and 1/2 raining, but I couldn’t be pulled off of it. My favorite side was the one that overlooked the Sound and the mountains in the distance. SO. Freaking. PRETTY! Another highlight? Seeing a rainbow over downtown Seattle. I tried to snap a pic but it didn’t come out very well. 

Seattle Space NeedleWhimsy Soul Travel Whimsy Soul Travel Whimsy Soul Travel

I’m glad we visited the Space Needle on our first day because it was a great way to get a map of the city from above. If you’re visiting in peak travel season (aka not the winter), I suggest getting tickets to the Needle early or stopping by the tower in the morning and buying a ticket at the stand outside for later that day. They’re timed so you can get one for 2pm and go up right away at 2pm. I bet the line is VERY long in the summer so make sure you plan ahead!

They had coffee and beer at the top. Robin was starting to crash, so we went back to our hotel for a nap instead of grabbing a beer, but I think it would be really fun to have a drink and watch the sun set over the city from 600 feet up. The best kind of happy hour. 


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