Tiny Twyla

Tiny Twyla is our little kitten that loves to explore San Franciso – when she’s not napping or catching flies, that is! We’re crazy cat people who have always wanted to take our cat everywhere. So, we’re working towards making Twyla feel comfortable and confident to travel the world with us!

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How old is Twyla?

Twyla was born in August of 2018!

Did you adopt or buy Twyla?

We adopted her!!

After our beloved baby boy passed away at age 19, we went to the SPCA to meet cats. We almost adopted an older cat, but when I passed by Twyla’s room, she immediately jumped down from her bed and ran to the door to say hi. It was love at first sight! The SPCA is a wonderful organization that cares so much for animals. I highly encourage you to adopt or donate to local shelters instead of buying as cats are put down every single day.

How did you leash train her?

We took kitten classes from the SPCA (yes, as cute as it sounds!) and learned how to do training with kittens, starting with target training, etc. We spent a lot of time getting her used to her harness and leash inside our apartment, then brought her to the park for 10-15 minute sessions. We used target practice to get her off the blanket until she became comfortable enough to explore!

It’s a long process that we’re still undergoing

What harness & leash do you use?

We use this harness for her and may upgrade to something bigger once she grows. We use this leash for walks!

What camera do you use?

Read this post for information on all the camera gear we use to take photos for Twyla and Whimsy Soul!

What backpack do you use?

We currently use this pink bubble cat backpack but it’s not the most quality of backpacks. For safety in the future, we will be investing in this cat backpack once she grows full size!