Tropical Home Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Apartment Look Like Summer

Tropical Home Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Apartment Look Like Summer

Can we all agree February is like, the worst month? It’s always cold and constantly snowing or pouring rain. It’s not quite spring break time yet and the Christmas holidays magical feel far away. When summer can’t come quick enough, it’s time to spruce up your apartment with bright, colorful items that inspire whimsy and joy. These are my top tropical home decor ideas that’ll make your apartment look like summer!

My apartment basically looks like a page from the Target Opal House Collection (yes, I’m obsessed – read my review of the collection here. I may have spent $800 on Target home decor last year whoops,) My personal home style is very colorful and bright. When it comes to your home, you don’t have to go as big with color or wallpaper as I have. But, a few key home accents here and there can really help. A colorful table runner in the dining room or a few seasonal throw pillows in the living room can make a big impact.

Everything on this list is affordable and cute. No need to use your vacation money to make you feel like you’re on a warm-weather trip.

Tropical home decor ideas


I love wall art – I have over 20 framed art prints that I’ve picked up while traveling the world. I also have a few store-bought pieces like this giant cactus print. This wall decor hangs in my bathroom and makes a big desert statement! Makes me think of the tropical desert town of Palm Springs.

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I’m all about real plants, but sometimes your apartment just isn’t suited for tropical plants (mine isn’t!) If you want that tropical leaf look, Target makes great (and cheap!) faux silk trees and natural looking plants for that tropical decor vibe. Bring the outdoors in!

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When you’re craving a pine colada on a beach, add this cute pineapple lamp to your side table! It’s subtle for those of you who aren’t keen on adding too much color, but still has that vacation vibe.

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Swap out the boring wood chairs around your kitchen table for rattan chairs. Furniture like this instantly gives your kitchen a tropical beach vibe. Or, go for a colorful cushioned one like this.

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A really easy and affordable way to add tropical home decor is by swapping out your throw pillows on your couch or bed. Add palm printed pillows or pillows with pom-poms for cute tropical bedroom decor vibes!

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I LOVE baskets. I use them as pots for some of my plants and I have a colorful basket under the TV that holds throw-blankets. They’re easy to add into existing decor to contribute to that beach decor vibe that you want!

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I LOVE rugs. I hate how expensive they are, though. I buy all our rugs from Rugs USA because they constantly have “flash” sales which make them sorta affordable. (They usually have free shipping during sales, too!) Swap out your grey rug for a colorful woven area rug like this to instantly make a splash!

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I hope these tropical home decor pieces help you liven up your apartment during the chilly months. Is it summer already?


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