Non-Traditional Wedding Food Ideas

Non-Traditional Wedding Food Ideas

Welcome back to another Wedding Wednesday! Today I’m sharing a sneak look at what Robin and I are serving at our wedding… hint: it’s all non-traditional wedding foods! 

When planning what to serve at our wedding, I thought back to all the weddings I photographed (more on that here) and what weddings stood out to me. Some of my favorites were when the couples really took charge and made their wedding unapologetically “them”. Like the wedding where a couple swapped out the cake for pies because that’s their favorite dessert. Or the one where a couple served a side of Mac n Cheese because they really loved Mac n Cheese. 

Have you ever been to a wedding that served dry chicken? I have – I’ve been to many that serve blah, traditional foods. I want a wedding where people are actually excited for dinner. So, we decided to go with this non-traditional wedding food idea as well. 

Non-Traditional Wedding Food Ideas

So, for our main course, we’re serving pizza (about 5-10 different kinds!) Every Friday night I make a homemade pizza using my mother’s recipe and it’s not only a tradition for us, but a food we really love…and thankfully, most of the world also really loves pizza. We know that everyone is going to actually enjoy their dinner! 

For dessert, we’re doing donuts! Hence, the photos from our latest morning donut run. Robin LOVES donuts… I’m pretty sure that boy could eat donuts for every meal and be happy. I saw this photo on WeddingWire while hunting for inspiration and instantly knew we could do the same thing, but with 3-5 different kinds of donuts.

Around 9pm when the drunchies (drunk + munchies) are kicking in, a tater tot food truck is going to be rolling up to our wedding to feed the masses.  

And then, the last non-traditional thing we’re doing… a late night food truck! Around 9pm when the drunchies (drunk + munchies) are kicking in, a tater tot food truck is going to be rolling up to our wedding to feed the masses. I know other couples have done this at their weddings and it seems like the perfect topping on the cake (or the donuts?) for our party. Because – at the end of the day, a wedding is a party! And the best parties are ones that keep the guest experience in mind. 

So, don’t be afraid to do something non-traditional for dinner, dessert or both at your wedding! Ditch the cake, swap out the chicken for your favorite entree – just be you! Need help finding the people to make your food dreams come true? Check HERE for a great directory of caterers near your wedding venue or here for a great catering guide! 

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