Golden Hour at the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Hour at the Golden Gate Bridge

I’ve been dying to visit Marshall’s Beach for months. While it’s known for the nude beach-goers (which isn’t why I wanted to go, for the record), it also brings a killer view of the Golden Gate Bridge and wildlife to the table. So last night Robin and I packed up our backpacks and hiked down a very long and steep trail that lead to the waterfront. We also picked one of the MOST windy of days this week, so my hair is now a ratty, knotty birds nest from being blown around so much. Once we got down the sand we had a great time walking around, taking photos, running in the water and watching baby birds play in the waves. It was supppper duppper cute. And, since I know you were wondering, we did stumble across one naked guy.



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I’m currently in love with my pink bro hat from Forever21. It’s only $5 and is my favorite “whatever” accessory to add to girly outfits. My skirt is also from Forever21 – I got it for $9!- and my shoes are from Target. The shirt is one I’ve had for ages, but there are many in stores right now. My favorite part of this look though is my temporary tattoo from Tattify. I have some real ink, but I love playing around with temporary body art like this skull. I’ll be ordering more once my supply runs out!

So the story about the camera: I’ve had it for ages. I think my Dad used it in college maybe. As a photographer I’m obsessed with cameras, especially old film ones. I have a pretty big collection from my Grandfather. I don’t shoot with film too much anymore since film is harder to find and REALLY expensive to process, but I still love to pull one of my cameras off the shelf from time to time.



  1. Jim Harms
    January 1, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    Love the Pentax K1000.

      January 3, 2016 / 5:33 pm