3 Beauty Products To Always Use On A Plane

3 Beauty Products To Always Use On A Plane

The older I get, the more my skin hates me while traveling. Planes are probably skin’s worst enemy. They suck out all the moisture in the air, and you have to sit there. For hours. Unless I come prepared, I leave feeling like a dried out sponge. So, today, I wanted to share with you the 3 beauty products to always use on a plane.

For me, the key is to stay hydrated! I always bring a water bottle on a plane and order water instead of coffee. The first step is keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out. But, that only helps a little. To avoid that Spongebob out of water feeling, bring these three products with you.

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What Happened Last Night face mask: I know I can’t be the only one who has walked off a long flight looking like I just spent the past 9 hours partying hard.

What is it about sitting in those seats for so long that just wreaks havoc on your face?

So, I’ve been using Leaders Insolution sheet masks on long flights, my favorite being the What Happened Last Night and Intense Hydrating. Yes, these things look pretty silly while on, but I promise that nobody cares. An hour before landing, pop on one of these babies for instant skin happiness.

Andalou Perfecting Cream: On top of specialty masks, I always carry one my daily face moisturizers and I slather that thing on like there’s no tomorrow. I have really dry skin to begin with, and I swear I can feel it tighten up the second those little fans turn on. Having a trusty moisturizer that is small enough to bring on a carry on bag and powerful enough to help arm my skin against those fans is vital.

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First Aid Vitamin Hydrating Mist: The day I discovered hydrating mists was one of  “aha” moments. Why haven’t I been using these for years? I love spritzing on mist when my skin needs a quick refresher, but I don’t want to slather on a lot of cream and ruin my makeup. My go-to lately has been this First Aid Beauty mist that is ok for sensitive skin and smells like a dream. You want this magic with you during a flight. Nothing says pampered like spritzing yourself in a cloud of moisturizing goodness. 

I find most of my beauty products at random drugstores and Ulta Beauty (rewards members since 2012!). I love the variety of products and am addicted to those little free samples. Next time you’re flying, head there to stock on up these in-flight beauty goodies. Your skin will thank you! Happy travels. 

Thank you to Ulta Beauty for providing products. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Whimsy Soul.