Explore Your Own City

Explore Your Own City

Adventures are everywhere if you choose to be open for them. When life gets busy, I tend to feel flustered and start getting FOMO (fear of missing out) on all these trips and things I feel like I can’t do at the moment. Since moving out to San Francisco, I’ve been hungry to explore all of the West Coast. I want to spend a night in a yurt on the coast of Oregon. I want to go glamping in Idaho, eat cotton candy on the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and spend a weekend getting lost on the Orca Islands in Washington. I get so wrapped up in FOMO that I sometimes forget that my home has so much to offer. The key is to learn how to explore your own city. So, to embrace small adventures, this past weekend we visited Grand View Park, a beautiful spot that is almost in our “backyard”. 

Seriously, it takes just about 20 minutes to walk to the top of this thing from our apartment, but for some reason we rarely take the hike up. And the view on top is so rewarding, I loved that we stopped by again. You can see the ocean on the left, straight ahead is the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out and to the right is a sweeping view of downtown San Francisco. It was a good reminder that just getting out of your rut and doing some new, or something you haven’t done in a while, makes the day so much better. Since it was a chilly day and windy on top of the hill, I bundled  up in my new Le Chateau sweater and leggings (both which are so comfy and perfect for fall), my Orvis lightweight jacket and a scarf. Classic attire for a summer in San Francisco. 

View from Grand View ParkLe Chateau grey sweaterbest view of San FranciscoLe Chateau grey sweaterLe Chateau grey sweater and an orange scarfgrey sweater le chateauGrand View Park


I know what not everyone has a Grand View Park in their backyard, but I know you can learn how to explore your own city. Maybe it’s treating yourself to a fancy dinner at a new restaurant. Maybe it’s taking a hike in a local park or just throwing on a pair of shoes and walking as much of the city as you can. Or, you can play tourist and spend the day on a rented bike or go-cart, exploring with the masses. Really, what ever floats your boat. Don’t give into FOMO and choose to be happy. Happy adventures !


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  1. Nina Menguito
    August 29, 2016 / 10:36 pm

    I’m just a block away to the park ❤