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A couple weeks ago Robin and I were walking around Stow Lake, our favorite part of Golden Gate Park. In one area there’s a waterfall and around the corner, a Chinese Pavillon. I suddenly realized that if you didn’t know that waterfall was in the middle of San Francisco, it could pass for being in Thailand, or Bali. That Pavillon could easily pass for being in a beautiful Chinese garden instead of America. That’s when we were inspired to start a new photo project about San Francisco, the Chameleon City.

We made a list of all the places around the city that we thought could pass as somewhere else in the world. We narrowed it down to our top favorite 8 locations and created a photo for each spot. Over the course of the next 8 days, I’ll be sharing one photo a day on Instagram. It’s been a lot of fun working on this series and I can’t wait to share each photo with you! I’ll be updating this blog post each day with the new photo I share on Instagram.

So, if you want to follow along with this series, make sure to follow @TheWhimsySoul and turn on post notifications so you can catch each part of the series!

Rome… or San Francisco? The Palace Of Fine Arts in SF gives me MAJOR Roma vibes. At times it looks SO much like the Roman Forum, the ancient ruins that sit next to the Colosseum. 🇮🇹🏛 Did you know I studied abroad in Rome while in college? I lived a few blocks away from the Vatican. It happened to be the Spring when the pope resigned (which hasn't happened in over 600 years) and the Cardinals had to pick a new pope. People from all over the world came to the city to be present for the conclave. All the cardinals gather in the Sistine Chapel and basically stay there until they pick a new pope. To communicate with the outside world, they burn special papers. Black smoke means they still haven't settled on someone, but white smoke means they did. The night that Papa Francesco was voted in came as a surprise, as most people thought it would be the next day that the conclave would end. Thankfully we had the news on and one of my roommates noticed that the smoke was white this time. I had my shoes on already – I remember grabbing my keys and running with my roommates to the Vatican. Within a block or two, other people in the city join us running and the closer we got to the Vatican, even more people were running in the streets. Probably only 20 minutes passed since the white smoke appeared but St. Peter's Square was PACKED. It felt like what I think the World Cup probably feels like — people from all over the world with their country flags, cheering and hoping their cardinal will be the new pope. When the Cardinals and Papa Francesco emerged on the balcony, the plaza erupted with cheering. I'm not a very religious person, but that night was one of my most favorite memories while living in Rome. I highly recommend you visit Italy one day! Especially Roma, my seconds home-a. #sfchameleoncity #onlyinsf #rome #romanforum

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