The Best Travel Hashtags For Instagram

The Best Travel Hashtags For Instagram

Instagram has truly changed the way I plan for trips. I still look on Pinterest and blogs for tips/tricks about a location, but the first place I make a beeline to is Instagram. It’s there that I can always find the most unique cafes, the hidden natural gems, the best views of the city I plan on visiting. It’s also how I discover places I didn’t even know about. Whenever I stumble upon a really cool travel photo on Instagram, I save it to a collection so I can look back on those next time I’m itching to explore. 

Now, with Instagram allowing you to follow hashtags, making sure your hashtag game is on point is vital for people to find your awesome travel photos on the platform. That platform is all about sharing, so make sure to use these best travel hashtags for Instagram to get more likes, views and followers – but most importantly, inspire others to explore. Below are my favorite travel hashtags in a list so you can easily copy and paste them to use on your photos!


























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Once you picked out about 20 of these travel hashtags, use your remaining 10 allotted to describe your location. For example, if you are visiting San Francisco, hashtags like





#nobhill (or whatever neighborhood the photo is from)

are useful in discovery.

Bonus Points

If you want to really make sure your post is seen, don’t forget to add a geolocation and tag other relevant accounts.

For example, let’s say you’re visiting Scottsdale like I am in the above Instagram photo. On top of using #absolutelyscottsdale (the official Scottsdale tourism board hashtag) and #visitscottsdale (not official, but widely used) I’m tagging @scottsdaleariz in the photo. I’m also tagging the hotel I’m at and @visitarizona, the tourism board account for the whole state.

You can also tag travel curated accounts, like @passionpassport or @gltlove to expand the chance of your photo being seen even more.


I hope this helps you rock your Insta game! Please feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite hashtag(s) if it isn’t on this list!

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