All White For Brunch

All White For Brunch

I woke up on Saturday just craving brunch, a sign that I’m turning into a true San Francisconian. Since most of the hot brunch places are all booked up days in advance, we decided to walk down towards Irving and 9th to see what caught our eye ( and had available tables) 

Whimsy Soul crepevine 7



We ended up at Crepevine, a spot we’ve been eyeing ever since moving to the Sunset District. They had just one table left outside, so we snapped it right up – it was a rare morning with actual blue sky instead of fog! I didn’t want to be stuck inside. I had the San Francisco crepe filled with salmon. Robin had the Philly Cheesesteak crepe – he liked mine so much better. He kept trying to steal bites and I was like “Boy, please. This is MINE!” I really truly meant to take some photos but we were so hungry and it was so god damn good that I ate it all before remembering to pull out my camera.


Whimsy Soul crepevine 8 Whimsy Soul crepevine 6

Whimsy Soul - crepevine 2 Whimsy Soul crepevine 3After brunch we slowly meandered back to our apartment, enjoying the sunshine and lazy morning vibe. Robin insisted that we stop by the local grocery market to grab some cupcakes, or as he framed it “post brunch dessert cakes”. Tempting fate, I wore this all white outfit. I know, pretty foolish of me, but it worked out. I didn’t spill anything on it guys! This blouse is from Mint Julep, also seen here. The pants are from Buffalo Exchange and the sandals are from Target and are one of my favorites since they can be dressed up or down. To add a touch of -I don’t know, is “fancy the right word? – I tied this scarf I picked up in Mexico around my neck. It made for a nice pop of color. The watch is from Jord, also seen here.