Wrap Skirts & Neck Scarves

Wrap Skirts & Neck Scarves

This summer I created a capsule wardrobe. Purging felt so great and I came out knowing not only what clothing I’m attracted to, but what clothing makes me feel powerful and confident. Skirts and dresses were the top of the list, along with dark colors and floral patterns. And bright, bold lipstick. I like to feel comfortable, but look put together. 

I’ve been hunting for a few wonderful fall/winter skirts and fell in love with this Flora Silk Maxi Wrap Skirt by Amour Vert. Skirt – check. Dark color – check. I knew it would last in my capsule wardrobe. When it arrived, I wore it the next day to work. A little piece of advice for anyone who owns or wants to own a wrap skirt – try to avoid VERY windy days. I may have flashed a couple of people on the sidewalk last week before the storm hit in full force. Opps. 

This skirt adds enough flair on its own, but I dressed it up with Hush Puppies booties and a scarf tied around my neck in a new style called a chokie. You start by wrapping the scarf behind your neck, then forward (the opposite than you’re probably used to) and then tied in a knot in the front. It feels very oh-la-la French. 

Amour Vert Wrap SkirtAmour Vert Wrap SkirtAmour Vert Wrap SkirtAmour Vert Wrap SkirtAmour Vert Wrap Skirt

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