Favorite Memories of 2017

Favorite Memories of 2017

I was just re-reading my Favorite Memories of 2016 post and boy, that feels like ages and ages ago. Why does time always speed up as you grow older?

To say 2017 was a big year is an understatement. I’ve had some of my highest highs this year and my lowest lows, but I’m rolling into 2018 in a good place and I’m so excited for what’s in store. We’re plotting some really fun things! Plus, if this year has any lesson, it’s that life is totally random and unexpected. I know some of my favorite memories of 2018 are things I don’t even know could happen yet.

So, here are my favorite 10 memories of 2017!

10. Discovering La Croix

Yes, for real. I spent 25 years of my life convinced that La Croix was sugary and gross. I didn’t even try it. And then, I did. And if you follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories, you know we now go through cases and cases a week. It’s a staple for me now, so it had to make the list. More so, to me, this represents how good trying new things can be.

my favorite murder

9. Podcasts on Podcasts

2017 was the year I got addicted to podcasts. Now, they are pretty much all I listen to. When I was working in an office and had to commute every day, podcasts made it bearable and almost fun. My favorite podcasts are My Favorite Murder, Last Podcast On The Left, Stuff You Should Know and Planet Money. Check them out!

newton vineyard

8. Thursday Explore Days

My friend Justina sometimes doesn’t have to work on Thursdays, so we always try to go on a trip somewhere. Sometimes to Napa, sometimes to see sunflowers, sometimes up as far as Mount Shasta. We started traveling together in 2016 when we went to Portland. She’s such a fun travel buddy and I can’t wait to see where we go in 2018!

7. Visiting Scottsdale

December took us back to Arizona, this time to Scottsdale! It was a whirlwind trip and I loved every. Single. Second. The highlight was probably going on a sunrise hot air balloon ride. This city is so charming and colorful, it was the perfect way to relax a little bit in the middle of all the holiday madness.

6. Beach Bumming in San Deigo

I had the chance to go to San Deigo for 5 days for work this summer. San Deigo is amazing in the summer – warm beaches, endless sun, a perfect oasis from the busy city. Robin didn’t come with me, but I was so lucky because one of my best friends, Gen, was living there at the time. She spent almost afternoon with me. She took me all over the city, even up to the top of Potato Chip Rock! Showed me a whole new side to San Deigo and it was so nice just hanging out together without the distraction of our men or real life. Hopefully, 2018 takes me back there!

green chef kale plan

5. The All Kale Plan

This category really represents the friendships I made at my old office. This group of people made going into work every day not suck, which is really really special to find. My old crew and I still hang out a lot, which makes so happy. #WFJ One of the highlights of that position was having a video I had a strong hand in making end up being featured by AdAge and Times.

Grand Canyon in the winter

4. Starting The Year At The Grand Canyon

Robin and I booked a pretty last minute trip to Las Vegas last January. We rented a car and drove to Arizona (our first time!) to see the Grand Canyon. It was breathtaking. That evening had such a pink sunset. I felt so small next to such a beautiful place. It was also really fun seeing Vegas for the first time and, oddly enough, almost exactly a year from that date in 2017, we’ll be back in Las Vegas in 2018…

austin mural

3. Bachelorette Party In Austin

Partying in Austin, Texas for four days with my girls is a fun memory. And this trip was one of my favorites of the year. More so, this slot represents the friendships I have made since moving to San Francisco. All the women I have the privilege to call my friends are each so loving, smart, funny and special in their own ways. We’ve explored the United States together, and the bottom of wine bottles together.

wedding donuts bride groom

2. Getting Married

After 6 years, we finally got hitched! A DIY backyard wedding is SO much work, I’m not going to lie. It was really stressful pulling it all together, but it was so worth it to spend a weekend surrounded by friends and family. There was so much love and happiness that day!

Neuschwanstein Castle couple kissing honeymoon

1. Honeymoon To Europe

Robin and I LOVE to travel together, so we planned for a big, 3-week honeymoon across 5 European countries. We started in Germany for Oktoberfest (omg this was SO MUCH FUN!) and then popped over to Ireland where we rented a car and drove all over the island + the UK, ending in London. We got sick halfway through. We had long days and early wake-up times. We listened to 3 Harry Potter audiobooks and made so many memories. I’m so happy to have found a best friend who I can travel so well with.

So, those are my favorite memories of 2017! Here comes 2018!